Local Clubs

We are currently running 5 evening clubs and a daytime club. These clubs require membership (£5 per club) to attend so please contact us to apply. The sporting events are also £5 per session, but you can attend all day for £10, there's a cafe available or you can bring your own lunch.

The clubs are spread through: Whitwell, Clowne, Pinxton, Bolsover, Chesterfield and you can see the schedule below. We are always looking to expand and help people in more areas, so if we don't run clubs in your area you should still get in touch with us so we can see where people need us. This will also allow us to get in touch if we start clubs near you!

Regular Schedule
Whitwell - Evening - 7pm-9pm
Clowne - Daytime/Morning 10am-12pm
Clowne - Daytime/Afternoon 1pm-3pm NEW
Pinxton - Evening - 7pm-9pm
Bolsover - Evening - 6:30pm-8:30pm
Chesterfield - Evening - 7pm-9pm

Please feel free to contact us about any of the clubs and one of our members of staff will be more than happy to assist with any queries. If you're interested in joining a club, we are able to come meet you and provide information and reassurance about what happens at our events. It is important to us that every member feels secure and welcome, so we like to meet potential members beforehand to ensure compatibility with all our other members.