Trish Charity

Chief Charity Officer

In 1997 Elaine and I were asked to volunteer for a new club that was being set up after consultation with an advocacy group for adults with learning disabilities. At the time I was working full time, helped in a family business and had four wonderful children to bring up….. I said no!!! Before the club started tragedy struck and we lost friends and colleagues including John the founder of JGFC in a devastating accident. Elaine and I then decided we would volunteer for a month to help get the club started …. And that’s where our journey with The Just Good Friends club began.
We started with a club on a Friday evening in Whitwell…. We were hooked. Along the way we have made some fantastic friends, worked with many fantastic people, and had many laughs.
This is not a job to me it is a passion….. How many people can say “they love their job!”... I do.
After working together side by side, through thick and thin!! When Elaine decided to retire I was gutted, I felt I was missing my right arm……but what a foundation she has left behind for us to build on in the future.
As for me away from the Just Good Friends Club… I am very happily married to’ J’ who is wonderfully supportive of everything I do; we have six wonderful children and 6 amazing grandchildren. We love going to music concerts, playing badminton, getting out on our Vespa and of course Millie our staffie.

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